Snowdrop Uncensored Complete Hindi Dubbed SDTV 480p [82MB] Hevc

Series Information:
Series Name: Snowdrop (Uncensored)
Release: 6th September 2017 
Quality: 480p hd
Running Time: 45 min
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Type: Romance Comedy Drama
Encoded By: moviesrush

Ready for a murder that he did not commit, Nadiya dared to escape from prison to prevent his step-sister Irina from marrying Igor Panin, whom they both both love. As they collide, we learn of the fact that Igor’s sister was killed and began to understand the depth of hatred between the two. Nadiya must continue to fight to prove her innocence, as well as to uncover the corrupt empire that Irina’s family has named. The serial starts at the point when Nadya escapes from prison and reaches the place where Irina was to be married and tries to confess to her wrongdoings on the roof. Then Igor comes to the roof and asks Nadiya to leave Irina. In the hustle, Nadiya falls from the roof. Irina and Nadiya are both taken to the hospital where Nadiya is remanded to prison and sentenced to 2 years in prison. After completing her imprisonment, she decides to take revenge on Irina’s family.

He’s now your friend “Katya” Living with . Katia was with her while she was in jail. They are a telecom service provider company with the help of Oleg. “Bory Link” Joined, Igor’s stepbrother who owns Boris Link is a good friend of Boris. Boris Igor’s sister Margarita Panin’s fiancee, who died in a car accident. Although Boris initially disliked Nadya as he considers him the killer of his girlfriend Rita, Nadiya soon wins her trust and assures her that she is not a killer and helps Boris to take Boris to new heights. She becomes a star after featuring a TV ad of sack links and then she decides that “Pan Cosmetics” It’s the right time to rejoin.


Snowdrop Uncensored Hindi Dubbed SDTV Episodes Download

Episode 01 :
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Episode 02 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 03 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 04 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 05 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 06 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 07 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 08 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 09 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 10 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 11 :
480p – Mirror_Links

Episode 12 :
480p – Mirror_Links



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